D-Backs Sweep

Well.  Not much to say about this one.  A bad baseball team played bad baseball and the better team won. The game started out well enough.  After three innings, the Padres were up 3-2 thanks to an RBI double by Hunter Renfroe.  Starter Clayton Richard gave up a pair of runs in the bottom of … Continue reading D-Backs Sweep

Pads fall to D-Backs again, 7-4

There's no question that Arizona has turned a corner this year and are now performing the way many analysts expected of them last year.  And last night, they did what good teams do, they won a game they were supposed to.  In match up between Zack Greinke and Luis Perdomo, Greinke and his teammates predictably … Continue reading Pads fall to D-Backs again, 7-4